How long does it take to set up my organizations payroll with QPS?

We can have you set up within one week. Call us at 1-877-793-5747 or fill out the "Request A Quote Form", and our customer service team will call you back promptly to go over the simple steps for setting up your payroll with QPS.

Can you start processing my payroll on any date or only on Jan. 1st?

We can start processing your payroll on any date, so there is no need to wait! We will work together with you and your current provider, to ensure we have all of your year to date payroll information loaded within our systems.

If outsourcing with QPS, are we locked into a set contract?

At QPS, we do not force you into a term contract or commitment. An agreement of services will be established with you during your initial set-up and the expectations of each party will be clearly defined.

How are payments to my employees made?

At QPS, we can provide your staff with a direct deposit option of up to three separate bank accounts, or we can prepare a traditional pay cheque if preferred.

Do our staff receive a pay slip or statement?

All active and current employees receive a statement detailing gross to net pay, earnings details, source deductions (Federal and Provincial), third party deductions, vacation, benefits and accruals as requested by employer. These statements can be mailed, sent to your office for distribution by authorized personnel or securely emailed directly to the employee.

Can you process payrolls across Canada?

Absolutely! We are here to service Canadian businesses from any and all Provinces and Territories.

Do you take care of International companies with a Canadian presence?

As your Canadian payroll partner, not only do we take care of full-cycle processing, but we are here to assist you with any inquiries you have regarding your Canadian payroll obligations.

Do you handle year end returns?

We certainly do! QPS can prepare and can submit all year end documents upon our client's request and approval.

Is there a minimum number of employees required to utilize your service?

No company is too small! In fact, we specialize in small to mid-size organizations across Canada and offer affordable options for every size business we service.

How are our source deductions remitted?

At QPS, we submit your Federal and Provincial tax requirements electronically on your behalf. If we miss a deadline, we pay the penalties. Now that is peace of mind!

How do I get started?

Simply call us toll free at 877-793-5747 or click this link: “Request A Quote” and we’ll be happy to get you started today!

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